by Milky Mami

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Got a treat for the peasents
Yeah the milkman's arrived
hope you value my presence
yeah youre feeling my vibes.
Got a cushion for pushing so it feels good when you ride.
Nigga I'ma start counting, better run off and hide.
I'll go off in a minute but let this shit escalate
oh so now you real sorry, cuz your dues is too late
Bill collector I'm callin you aint about to pick up
only fuckboys get the knock knock so they know what's up

Bitches loves Bass.

it's the federales coming witht the cheddar
all beef, extra mayo no cebolla hold the goya
oh patrola with the goal of higher power super sour
its my hour to shine ima go and get mine
im young on and popping
never intend on stopping
you looking but never touching you wish you could get the boppin
mami gon keep it goin, got that beat on a loop
throw that ass in circle and tell the honeys come thru
bojanglin no gangbangin it fuckin with outsiders
stay golden and flexing checks while we reppin a empire
you was already sold by the bumpin i keep providing
reticle ready in position for the sneaky niggas hiding
this that good love, ride low, hands up, ass out
beat so hard make you climax pass out
baby clean it up when youre nasty
shit talkers get cut up and put in the incinerator trash heap


released September 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Milky Mami Los Angeles, California

♡Let me play you a song from my heart♡

I make beats/tracks/loops/audio collage.
I like to pretend to sing.

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